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Large Roll Cart Bags - 90 - 95 - 96 - 98 - 100 -110 Gallon Bags - Liners
The Original Custom Fitted Refuse Trash Can Liner.
Comes in 3 different thickness and tapered to fit all roll cart trash containers.


Bags fits inside trash containers similar to the one shown below:

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Extra tough plastic bags made especially for handling trash and refuse. Choose between medium, heavy duty and extra heavy duty sizes. 

These bags are also great for lawn services, collecting leaves, maintenance, construction sites, building and grounds, covering indoor and outdoor furniture.

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Custom fit trashbags for 40, 50,,60, 65,,70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 96, 98,100 and 110 Gallon Roll Carts.
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Extra Strong trash can liners for all roll carts, waste receptacles and large containers. Bags fits inside the container and helps keep your trash can clean from dirt, debris and other types of refuse. Each bag is long enough so it drapes over the top of the container and leaves plenty of room to tie the bag closed when it if filled with trash. Some uses for this bag is Curbside Garbage Pickup, Back Yard Trash,  Refuse Pickup, Leaf Collection, Street Sanitation Routes, Home Trash Service, Household Trash Pickup, Rural Trash Service, Homeowners Trash Containers with wheels, Commercial and Residential Pickup. 

A size to fit all major brands of roll carts and containers. Large trash bag liners. 

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Fits All Major Brand of Roll Carts! If you are unsure, then send us an email with the size of your trash can, outside dimensions, and we can furnish you with the size you will need
Measure as shown below:
Width .......  From Side to Side
Depth .......  From Front To Rear
Length ... .  From The Ground To Top Of Container

Custom Run Trash Bags. 
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Our Roll Cart Trash Bags are excellent for Household or Commercial and Residential Garbage Collection.  Used as a  liner inside the roll carts, the bags help prevent messy spills and keeps the roll cart clean and sanitary.  Bags are clear in color and constructed for heavy trash collection. (2 mil thickness). 100 bags per roll.  These are custom fit bags especially for the roll carts. Fits all major brands. Size 30.2" x 26.2" Deep x 59" Tall.  Weight per roll - 45 lbs.  Bags available for 40 gallon, 65 gallon, 90 gallon, 95 gallon and 96 gallon roll cart containers.

Bags fit most major brands of roll carts such as the Zarn Roll-A-Waste Cart, Otto, Ultra Cart, Schaffer, Rehrig, Ameri-Kart, RMI, Automated Carts, Cascade, and many others. Available in sizes 40,45,60,65,90,95, & 96, and 100 gallon roll carts,  In stock for immediate shipment.

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